Lora Zombie

Born in a small town in Russia, in 1990, Lora Zombie was set on becoming an artist a very early age. The self-taught painter first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, new outlets, and social media. She is now a top seller on the urban art scene and is gaining the attention of the art world at large. In recent years, Lora has taken the gallery scene by storm with exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia – bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide. With a unique commentary on pop culture and keen eye for beauty, Zombie’s raw and grungy trademark style is unmistakable. Her gorgeous use of overlapping, bursting colors incorporates a natural vivacity to her work, bringing life to her pink-haired punk characters. Zombie’s style reflects her personality; effervescent, keen and upbeat. Between her natural talent for effortlessly depicting the human form, fantastic sense of color and incorporation of humor into her work, it is no surprise that in a few short years she has gained such a massive global following.