Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts ist Urban-Affairs-Korrespondent der New York Times und Autor von »Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America«.


  • INDES H. 2-2013

    »A Tribute to the Glory of Commerce« New York’s Grand Central Terminal

    Also in America 1913 was a seminal year. 1913 can account for several breakthroughs in the industry as well as in the architecture of social life. But there is one event of technical grandiosity that would transform Americas most populous city, New York, forever: the opening of Grand Central Terminal on February 2. In his history of New York’s Grand Central Station Sam Roberts presents us not just with insights into the Zeitgeist of 1913 but also drafts a vivid picture of the altering appreciation of an icon of modernity, that at the time of its founding was carped to be neither grand nor central.

    Schlagworte: Grand Central Station, New York, USA, Architektur, Stadt

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